Frequently asked questions:

I plan to attend the conference but I am/am not on the programme. Do I still have to register?

Yes. All conference attendees, including presenters, must register, and only SOLE members may attend the conference.

I’m not actually sure if I am a SOLE member or if my JOLE subscription is current -- how can I check?

If you are a JOLE subscriber, you are a SOLE member. 

My paper was accepted for a poster. What are your requirements?

Check here.

I can’t come but my co-author will present the paper/poster. What must we do?

It’s OK to substitute.Notify the officeso we can update the program, and have the presenter register. But remember: In addition to our rule about one submission per person, there is a rule about one presentation per person. This includes posters and is strictly enforced. So if you had a paper accepted but plan to have a co-author present it, make sure your co-author is not already presenting a paper for this will not be allowed.This includes posters.

What is the registration period and fee?

Registration opened February 11th. See the main 2019 page for rates.

I registered but an emergency came up. Can I get a refund?

Before April 15th: 50% refund. No refunds after that date.

What equipment will be available in the presentation rooms?

All rooms will be equipped with laptop, LED projector, and screen. You can bring your talk on a thumb drive and load it just prior to presentation. No microphones because the rooms have about 30 people seated theatre style.

Is onsite registration permitted?

Yes, but you will be charged the late rate.

I have revised my paper. Is there time to get it added to the website?

Email your revised PDF to [email protected] before April 30.

I need a receipt in order to be reimbursed.

If you lost the email receipt sent when you registered or need something more substantial, write to the SOLE office and we will re-send the email or make you a PDF receipt.

But I’m Spanish!

Fear not, we will take care of you. Wait until the meetings are over, shoot us an email, and we will send over a beautiful document attesting to your participation in the meetings complete with letterhead and official titles and name of your paper and workshop title.

Can I get vegetarian or kosher meals?

Write to the SOLE office about your special dietary requirements.Please do this in advance.It is very costly to make substitutions on-site.

I wrote to the office to request a change/withdraw from the program/see if my submission was received but my letter was never acknowledged.

Unfortunately, we do not have time to acknowledge every request. Check the website first. If you do not see whatever you requested within 48 hours, then write to the office -- but always check the website first.

I require documentation for a visa.

Contact the SOLE office and explain exactly what you need -- invitation letter, appearance on the program, or whatever your country requires and we will provide it. In your email, be sure to include your postal address which will appear on the invitation letter. Please start early. Waiting till the last minute can be a problem.

My registration confirmation contained outdated contact information. How can I change this?

Check your email receipt. It should contain a link that allows you to log on to 123signup with a password and create an account. You will then be able to update your contact information. If your receipt does not contain such a link, contact the SOLE office to have the information changed.