As a member of SOLE, you are part of the prestigious and specialized community of labor economists from all over the world. Being a member means that you receive first notice and updates about the SOLE annual meeting each year, news about SOLE activities, a discount on registration fees to the annual meeting, and a discount on submission fees to the Journal of Labor Economics. In addition, if you are not receiving the journal free of charge now, you will benefit by receiving it as a member. (Membership does require a subscription to JOLE, but this is just the mechanism by which SOLE receives revenue; you can decline to receive the journal.) Membership/subscription fees are very low compared to those of most other societies, and those for students will be lowered further soon. More benefits of membership are being added! Stay tuned.

Since 1996, SOLE has promoted the study of labor economics and enhanced the contribution of labor economics and labor economists to the field. Presentation of research at SOLE's annual meeting (held each spring and attracting over 400 participants) is open to all labor economists everywhere in the world, with the goal of attracting the broadest possible participation regardless of institutional affiliation or seniority. SOLE has been affiliated with the European Association of Labor Economics (EALE) since 2000, and the two organizations hold a joint meeting every five years, attracting over 500 participants and featuring 400 academic presentations.

If you are interested in joining, simply subscribe to the Journal of Labor Economics through University of Chicago Press and you will be automatically included as a member.

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Special Announcement!
Starting with the January 2022 volume, a student electronic subscription to JOLE and membership to SOLE will be only $40 USD. (This rate will go into effect after the publication of the October volume of JOLE.)