Jacob Mincer Award

On October 1, 2003, the SOLE membership voted 128-15 to ratify the an amendment to the Bylaws to recognize lifetime achievements in the field of labor economics.  The awards is presented annually.  The inaugural award went to Jacob Mincer and Gary S. Becker on April 30, 2004.

Jacob Mincer is considered by many to be a father of modern labor economics.  As a leading member of the Chicago School of Economics, Mincer and Nobel Laureate Gary S. Becker helped to develop the empirical foundations of human capital theory, consequently revolutionizing the field. (from Wikipedia)

2023 Committee

Lawrence Katz (chair), Marianne Bertrand, David Green, Claudia Olivetti, Daniele Paserman, Uta Schoenberg, and John van Reenen 

 Past Recipients

2005 Awards -- Orley Ashenfelter & James Heckman

2006 Awards -- Richard Freeman & Edward Lazear
2007 Awards -- Dale Mortensen & Finis Welch
2008 Awards -- Reuben Gronau & John Pencavel
2009 Awards -- Claudia Goldin & Yoram Weiss
2011 Award -- Ronald Ehrenberg
2013 Award -- Daniel Hamermesh
2015 Award -- Robert Willis
2017 Award -- Francine Blau
2018 Award -- Henry Farber
2019 Award -- David Card
2020 Award -- Richard Blundell
2021 Award - Kenneth Wolpin
2022 Award - Lawrence F. Katz
2023 Award - Joseph Altonji