Sherwin Rosen Prize

On October 1, 2003, the SOLE membership established the Sherwin Rosen Prize for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Labor Economics.  Sherwin Rosen, a leading economist at the University of Chicago, was a micro-economist with special interests in industrial organization and labor economics. His research included important theoretical and empirical work that helped economists understand how a variety of forces influence items such as the prices of homes and the salaries of celebrities. (from Stanford Report)

To be awarded biennially, if a suitable nominee is found. The cited works for which the award is given must have been completed within twelve (12) years of one’s first full-time employment after completion of graduate studies. Timing is loosely defined and is to be interpreted by the Nomination Committee. Although there is no specific requirement, in most cases part of the cited works will have appeared in the Society’s journal, the Journal of Labor Economics.

Past Recipients:

2004 - Daron Acemoglu
2008 - David Autor
2010 - Robert Shimer
2012 - Marianne Bertrand
2014 - Enrico Moretti
2016 - Raj Chetty
2018 - Patrick Kline
2020 - Magne Mogstad
2022 - David Deming