Fellows Awards for Best Posters

SOLE Fellows Awards for Best Posters


Group A: Family Economics & Labor Supply

Winner: Etienne Pasteau and Junyi Zhu: “Love and money with inheritance: marital sorting between labor income and inherited wealth in the modern partnership”

Group B: Human Capital, Education, Training, & Health

Winner: German Blanco and Alfonso Flores-Lagunes: “Does Youth Training Lead to Better Job Quality? Evidence from Job Corps”

Group C: Labor Demand & Inequality

Winner: Marcus Dillender and Eliza Forsythe: “White Collar Technological Change: Evidence from Job Posting Data”

Group D: Topics in Labor Economics

Winner: Peter Blair: “Outside Options (Now) More Important than Race in Explaining Tipping Points in U.S. Neigborhoods"

Judges: John Abowd, Katharine Abraham, Joseph Altonji, Kerwin Charles, Christian Dustmann, Henry Farber, Eric Hanushek, Kevin Lang, W. Bentley MacLeod, Marjorie McElroy, Robert Moffitt, Derek Neal, Kathryn Shaw, Jeff Smith, Petra Todd, and Robert Willis


Group A: Family, Children, Gender, & Well-Being

Judges: Francine Blau, Sandra Black, Robert Willis

Winner: Yuxin Yao:“Sex Ratio and Timing of the First Marriage in China: Evidence from the One-and-Half-Children Policy

Group B: Mobility & Productivity

Judges: John Abowd, Joseph Altonji

Winner: Chad Sparber: “Choosing Skilled Foreign-Born Workers: Evaluating Alternative Methods for Allocating H-1B Work Permits

Group C: Education

Judges: Jeffrey Smith, Frank Stafford

Winner: Maria Zhu: “Effects of College Peer Networks on Labor Market Outcomes

Group D: The Labor Market

Judges: Henry Farber, Lawrence Kahn

Winner: Hiroko Okudaira: “Regulating the Timing of Job Search:  Evidence from New College Graduates in Japan